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The evolving digital world is the most exceptional opportunity we are facing. Together with the need to embrace and integrate ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles, we have the unprecedented chance of creating a different future for the next generation.


Being an entrepreneur for over 20 years, start-up supporter, advisor, and strategy expert, I recognised that the drivers for long-term value are changing at a fast pace. Therefore constantly being at the very heart of evolving trends, listening to people, challenging perceptions and reframing business models is crucial. 


The future imperative is purpose and profit. It can have a warm and fuzzy connotation. Still, these are not "feel good" topics anymore but are legitimate operational issues, ensuring and creating long-term value, yet even a license to operate. The ESG imperative will profoundly impact strategy and has to be fully integrated.


It is said that time changes things, which is only partly true. Faced with a series of great opportunities, we have to anticipate and exploit to bring out the best of organisations and people. Together we need to tackle a myriad of challenges of rapidly changing business environments to ensure sustainable success for a prosperous future professionally.

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What matters ...

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Boards with foresight know their responsibility

ESG is a business case

In the wake of the new century, a significant change is emerging, as we all need to find new ways to measure value and performance. ESG is imperative to embrace in these times of change. Adapting quickly to the challenges we face ahead is key for future value creation.

It is not a well-being factor anymore. Ignoring ESG factors will limit access to capital, present incomputable risk, and jeopardise the licence to operate. It is time to rebuild our businesses and economies differently.



Rethink globalisation

The world is creation

'Globalisation allows us to use the whole, not as a workbench, but world for the purpose of creating something new.' Inspired by Jose Santos at INSEAD Advanced Strategy for Directors I realized, that globalisation is different today. While most of us still think that 'the world is a market' and the 'world is a factory', today for the first time, billions of people are connected, and the world is here to create. This global world is emerging, is shaping and we do not precisely know what it will be. Global is not about being the same. It is about being united. 

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Digital disruption

Evolution instead of revolution

Digital can, but does not have to be disruptive. Digital transformation might be another way of modernising our model. Mistakes when undergoing digitalisation are being made if digitalisation is seen primarily about technology. Digital is about strategy and about people and organisation to reinforce their core talents.   


Artificial Intelligence

Reconnect with the principles of philosophy

'We know more than we tell - so does AI.' Excellent lecture on AI by Theodoros Evgeniou, Professor of Decision Science and Technology Management. The question is no longer about big data. That is a given thing. AI surpassed the human error rate already by mid-2015. Today's question is how to root out hidden biases in AI. It is about ethics and therefore, about organisation to integrate it. As for the first time, it is possible that a computer who learned from a computer makes the decisions, it is also about liabilities for these decisions.


People, purpose, profit 

A legitimate operational issue

ESG may have a warm and fuzzy connotation, mainly the 'social' in it. But these are not 'feel good' issues. Delivering positive impact and mitigating harm is increasingly vital to competitive advantage and long-term prosperity.

Employees, people, communities and society matter. Businesses will have to present a value-purpose-compass to attract talent and investors. Both are increasingly sensitive to their social values to be reflected. 

ESG involves tough decisions and trade-offs, as it has a transformational impact on a company's strategy. 

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Focus on corporate governance

Transformation - disruptive or evolving is all around us. We need to understand that the pace has changed exponentially, and we will never be that slow again. Leadership and corporate governance matter. But at the same time, the harm of weak corporate governance and  leadership are increasing. 

Governance and leadership in a volatile world are a delicate issue, as the whole market can turn on a tweet. 


Phygital - the next step

 Strengthen the physical

Digitalisation is just the first step. The next big thing goes far beyond and is the way we should think ahead: Personalisation. Not just digital but customised for each single customer.

Furthermore digital will become far more personal. An interaction that leads to a new word 'phygital' - a hand in hand combination of 'physical' and 'digital".


Directors Forum 

Boards need to handle change at fast pace

Energised after spending two days at INSEAD Directors Forum with old and new friends, I would like to commend on the topic 'Boards Renewal for Transformational Governance'. While executives create value and take risks, boards mitigate the risks and enhance the value. What does this mean for boards today? For some evolving companies, it means to stabilise, whereas, for most companies, the role turns from protect to enrich. A growing number of boards is part of the strategy process and transformational issues. Therefore boards must self-renew themselves according to the strategic challenges. After they transform themselves, they can do reverse lessons. 




enhancing your board

'Success isn't only about what you

accomplish in your life; 

it's about what you inspire others to do.'

My contribution to a board

Bringing entrepreneurial spirit to the table, I concentrate on strategy with digital acumen, integrating the societal, sustainable, and governance values of ESG. I combine corporate governance skills with entrepreneurial experience, being familiar with the evolving digital world.


Strong at bringing up new aspects and insights by questioning, analysing, reframing, and communicating. Thereby focusing on strategy, that integrates the sustainability imperative, disruptive change, digitalisation, AI, and a new form of globalisation by blending entrepreneurial, start-up, digital, technical, ESG, advisory, mentoring and corporate governance know-how. Naturally bringing calm into stressful situations and keeping a cool head in difficult situations.


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INSEAD Advanced Strategy for Directors (ASD)

INSEAD International Directors Programme (IDP-C)

INSEAD Strategy and Investing for Impact

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for business that matters

'Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.'

My services in advisory

A successful advisory is like a lighthouse. It guides you to a place you wouldn't go by yourself. 

New options are always suspect, and usually opposed, without any other reason, but that they are not already familiar. Caring is thereby an essential behaviour.


Reliable and discrete, I work with an extended network, standing by your side. I am active in bringing in new aspects, communicating constructively, exchanging ideas and opinions, building trustworthy relationships, and helping businesses evolve.


I give advice and work hands-on whenever necessary, integrating ESG principles, overcoming challenges, changing your business. Whenever you are in need of input or a sparring partner. 


unwritten stories to be told 

  'If you want to go fast, go alone.

  If you want to go far, go together.'


Develop business for the better

Empowering and promoting entrepreneurs to make an impact on the future we want to live in, counts for me. Always with an eye on global interconnections, I believe the deeper meaning of success is creating a business with purpose, making a positive impact on people, community and society, as well as tackling environmental implications. 

Adding entrepreneurial know-how and a broad network to brilliant ideas and dedicated minds creates a good environment for success. Building personal connections, facilitating exchange, mentoring, advising, and governing. 


The challenge is to detect high potential innovations and people, to get an idea working, support them, help them create a more holistic approach and to grow innovative businesses. Allowing start-ups to scale globally is essential, as the world is a very unified place. Everything happens literally at the same time all around the world, and the best people should be connected. Linking them and open access to global ideas and interconnecting their networks is the direction that counts for me. Thereby integrating ESG, impact and purpose into the strategy is not solely a wellbeing topic anymore. Just the opposite, it has a growing influence on attracting talent and an even stronger one on finding investors. It is a critical value driver to future-proof companies, yet even a license to operate. 


About me

long story short

  'In all you think, be clear,

  In all you're talking about, be true,

  In all that you are, be you.'

I share knowledge and engage in dialogue
  • Strong blend of ESG, technical, digital, advisory and corporate governance know-how

  • Certified non-executive director for board of directors (INSEAD IDP-C and others) with board experience

  • Venture capital investor and business enabler, mentoring and advising to accelerate growth

  • Focus on strategy, always embedding the manifold implications of ESG.

  • Success record of leading teams through change and business expansions.

  • Over 20 years of successful SME entrepreneurship, venture capital and start-up experience - across countries sectors and life spans of companies

  • Experienced with exit processes and their implications on organisations and employees.

What defines me and drives me

  • Creative, open-minded thinker, giving impulses and challenging perceptions with a focus on generating long-term value

  • Motivational, respectful with people and enhancing a good team spirit

  • Fostering group processes as a prerequisite for reflected decision making

  • Independence, integrity, respect and transparency

  • Relationship and trust

  • Responsibility, reliability and long-term thinking

  • Competence paired with dedication 

  • Realism, fairness and mindful awareness

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